GBWhatsApp Pro APK v17.80 Download (Updated) Latest Version

GBWhatsApp Pro

A new version of GB WhatsApp is called GBWhatsApp Pro. Due to its incredible features, including the option to alter WhatsApp Pro’s style and keep any contact statuses in the gallery, it is one of the most excellent versions of WhatsApp Plus.

By giving its users so many wonderful and unique features, this mod provides the best conversation experience. You may use features like hiding or freezing last seen, upgrading your screen customization, and other privacy settings not offered by the original app. Another variant of GB WhatsApp that offers customers of regular WhatsApp more functionality is called GBWhatsApp Pro. While some WhatsApp Pro features are free, others have limitations. Additionally, it proves the necessity of an hour-long talk.

The MBWhatsApp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that boasts advanced features and a wide array of customization options. With MBWhatsApp APK, you can enhance your chatting experience and enjoy a plethora of user-friendly communication features when interacting with friends, family, or loved ones.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download

GB WhatsApp Pro APK Features

Backup and Restore

You can back up your chats in GBWhatsApp Pro and recover them from any other device signed into the same account. This feature is quite helpful if your device has been stolen or has to be repaired.

Dark Option

Thanks to this, you’ll be able to take advantage of GBWhatsApp Pro’s remarkable features in low-light conditions without risking your vision. You can use this software to make as many chats and video calls as possible.

Freeze Last Seen

In this modified version, you can freeze the current last seen and hide your online status so that no one will be able to determine when you were last seen.


 Compared to the original WhatsApp, this app allows you to exchange more pictures, videos, audio files, and documents. It will enable you to send your contacts audio and video files larger than 100 MB and 15 MB, respectively.


Regarding privacy, the GB WhatsApp Pro is fantastic. You can quickly use WhatsApp Pro without encountering any issues because it is more private and secure

Schedule for messages

You can schedule texts to send later in this GBWhatsApp Pro edition. It is possible to schedule messages with the content, date, and time so that they will be automatically sent to the chosen contacts at that specific moment.


You will only remove a message you receive if someone else reads it before you. Even after a message is deleted by the sender, you can still read it. The same is valid with statuses. You can still access your contacts’ status updates even if they deleted them earlier than 24 hours ago, and they won’t delete them for you.

Send a message to anyone

Even if they aren’t on your contact list, you can still send messages to anyone. Even contacting an unknown number now doesn’t need to retain the number on your device.

Pop Notification and Multiple Languages

You can take advantage of this option if you are concerned that you may miss an important message. After enabling this function, you will start to see pop-up messages on your screen. Because of this functionality, you can see every communication. You can choose any available language as the default language in the GB WhatsApp Pro APK. Users that need help understanding English can take advantage of this feature.

Share Places

The GBWhatsApp Pro edition allows you to communicate locations in addition to video files. Sending your live position can enable your friends to find you if you are in danger, need their assistance, or need help understanding exactly where you are now.


This mod gave us a ton of new options for maintaining our privacy and the best elements of the original WhatsApp. You can secure your privacy using any of the various techniques. You can hide the blue ticks on the conversation screen, the second ticks that appear after reading messages, and your online status. So you can conceal your typing and your blue microphone when sending texts. You won’t be able to get any notifications in GBWA Pro if you enable DND Mode.

Change font style

You can change the fonts on your screen to change the appearance. In addition, this mod offers you new customization options, such as the choice of various typefaces to change the font style. Arabic and English fonts are both editable.

Download GB WhatsApp Pro APK on Android phones

Download the GB WhatsApp Pro APK on your Android device after downloading it. While it is not available on the Google Play Store, you must download the app using the link below.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download
App NameGB WhatsApp Pro
App Versionv17.80
Last Update1 Day Ago
DeveloperAlex Mods
App Size56 MB
Android RequiredVersion 5.0+
Required RootNo Need
Downloads20+ Millions
  • Visit our official website,, on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the download section and click on “Download” next to the GB WhatsApp Pro App.
  • Once the download is complete, go to your downloads and find the GB WhatsApp Pro APK file.


We have given you thorough information about this WhatsApp mod in this article. Compared to the original WhatsApp, this hack will provide extra functionality. Play Protect would advise you not to download this app, but the decision is yours. If you want to utilize this mod to send photographs, messages, and music files, download the GB WhatsApp Pro APK file in the latest edition from this page.


Is GB WhatsApp Pro official?

This app isn’t official. However, a group of privacy-conscious workers created it, spending their time experimenting with new capabilities that WhatsApp needs but hasn’t yet included.

Is GB WhatsApp Pro safe?

Yes, using GBWhatsapp Pro is secure. This application is WhatsApp’s Pro edition, with new additions and a fixed critical issue. Due to the hazardous app notification that appears when installing GBWhatsApp Pro APK, many users believe downloading it is unsafe.

Can I use the GBWhatsApp Pro APK in addition to Whatsapp?

You can use both GBWhatsApp Pro and WhatsApp simultaneously on the same device. One of the most thrilling characteristics of GB WhatsApp Pro is this. Like with the official WhatsApp, you can use different WhatsApp Mods, like WhatsApp Plus, on a single phone to make free calls, video calls, and send messages.

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