TM Whatsapp APK 8.71 Download (Updated) Latest Version

TM WhatsApp

The modified version of the original WhatsApp is TM WhatsApp APK. It offers a lot of great features. If you’ve used the original WhatsApp, you’ll find many new features in this app. Users of TM WhatsApp can quickly download their statuses. You don’t have to contact people to update their WhatsApp statuses. WhatsApp’s active state typically lasts for 24 hours.

At TM Whatsapp APK, it can last up to 36 to 48 hours. But due to a busy professional job schedule, it is impossible to go. The latest version of WhatsApp may be a fantastic remedy. You can create a group of people who share your interests and ask them to join so you can make a video call together and chill with your friends. Also, the applications are under 45.84 MB in size, which is reasonable for an Android version. This is among the finest WhatsApp alternatives, completely legal and secure to download and install on your Android or iPhone device.

TM Whatsapp APK

Features of TM WhatsApp APK

Customs Themes

There is no theme in the standard WhatsApp. Thus, you always get to see the same theme. On the other hand, the theme library of TM WhatsApp offers a wide variety of theme options. Using your preferred theme from the library, customize the app’s UI. Additionally, you can alter the theme to fit your mood.

DND Mode

You should be required to disconnect from the internet if you wish to stop receiving messages from WhatsApp. However, you can use the DND mode in TM WhatsApp to send and receive messages to anybody.

Additional Launcher Icons

It’s interesting to note that TMWhatsApp displays notification and launcher app icons on your Android screen in various formats. Thus, you can choose from a large selection of launcher icons to replace the old one if you don’t like the way the regular WhatsApp icon looks or how this APK represents it.

Show Blue tick after the reply

A message with a blue tick can now be seen at any time. Most of the time, we are either working or we don’t want to answer people. We can see their messages, though. If we don’t respond to them right away, it may sour the relationship or make them angry, especially if you’re speaking with your parents, relatives, or even your employer. For this reason, TM Whatsapp is there to help you cover up the blue tick. Furthermore, it only shows up when you reply to the person.

Create unlimited groups

You have an infinite number of groups that you can create on WhatsApp. There are certain limitations on every feature of regular WhatsApp, which we can download from the Google Play store, but all of the restrictions are gone in TM WhatsApp.

Remove the forward mark

When using standard WhatsApp, you can share a message with a contact without letting them know it’s been forwarded. You must type the message to that contact as a result. However, the chat’s forward message heading will be eliminated in the TM WhatsApp. Thus, send messages as frequently as you can. 

Chat Lock

If you’re using standard WhatsApp, it’s easy for someone to get into your chat and see the topics you and she have discussed. It’s not what you want. TM WhatsApp offers you the chat lock feature as a result. You can use this feature to lock a specific chat with a personalized pin or pattern. Your chat will be more private thanks to this feature.

Easy to Use

The TM Whatsapp Apk boasts a user interface that is simple to use. There are just two themes available in standard WhatsApp: light and dark. However, TM WhatsApp has a ton of attractive themes. As a result, you can alter the app’s theme to fit your preferences.

Long status

You can post a 30-second video on your status in the standard WhatsApp app at once. Your video will split into two statuses if it lasts one minute. On the other hand, the status video extends in TM WhatsApp. Videos up to seven minutes can be shared on your status. Since you can upload a seven-minute status video, you won’t have to worry about the video being cut. 

Auto Reply

What TM WhatsApp has is a feature that resembles a dynamic auto-reply robot. You can respond to messages automatically, so people who reach out to you will know right away. This feature was created especially for WhatsApp businesses. Make a personalized auto-reply that you can send to contacts that come in while you’re not using your phone or are disconnected.

Anti-delete messages

if you receive a message from someone and your contact abruptly removes it. You’re curious about the message your contact sent you, but they don’t want to share it with you. On the other hand, you can view your contacts’ deleted messages if you have TM WhatsApp. Therefore, you don’t need to worry because you will still be able to see the message even if your contact deletes it. 

Anti-Ban Actions

TM WhatsApp’s developers are always working to put anti-ban ensures in place to lessen the possibility that users will be pushed off the service. This promises a more dependable and effortless experience.

100% safe and secure

This program frequently receives upgrades and updates that fix unsafe features. Apps and other online spaces are continuously at risk. There are different harmful components, including defects, viruses, and attack apps. To use these easily, they must be cleaned.

Main Features in TM WhatsApp APK App

  • Even a few minutes or days later, it deletes or returns messages sent in error. This is one of my favorite TM WhatsApp features because it makes remembering texts from both groups and private messages easier.
  • Pause, stop, or appear that way. You can fake your last seen status with it if you aren’t interested in letting your friends or others know you’re online.
  • Exit with a time extension. TM WhatsApp, contrary to other mods, has a longer time limit due to the app creator.
  • Sleep mode (disable internet on WhatsApp). Sleep mode prevents you from getting WhatsApp messages if your data is turned on. This app may be helpful if you want to use the Internet for other purposes without getting lost by WhatsApp notifications.
  • Use this feature to keep people from remembering messages sent from your side.
  • Hide custom chatting (using a pattern). You have the option of hiding those important chats from watchful eyes.
  • When you clear chat, filter messages.
  • Copying a friend’s profile. You don’t need to ask permission to copy your friends’ WhatsApp status videos and pictures to your phone.
  • Customize the notification icon and app icon. With this feature, you may change the WhatsApp icon to a favorite color or image.
  • Able to work with any other loaded WhatsApp, removing the need to uninstall them.

How to download and Install TM WhatsApp APK

The user needs clarification on the downloading procedure because it uses several steps. You must also verify the correct steps to download TM WhatsApp correctly. I will now walk you through the entire process of downloading this wonderful APK software. So, look at them:

TM Whatsapp APK
App NameTMWhatsApp
Updated On2 Hours Ago
Total Download10,00,000+
Go To Download Page
  1. First, open your browser and search for Download the TM WhatsApp
  2. You must first allow installation from unknown sources on your device before you can install third-party apps.
  3. Open your device’s Settings app. Then navigate to the Security Settings and select the Unknown Sources option. When you locate this choice, turn it on.
  4. Wait for the installation of the TM WhatsApp APK to finish by downloading it from the website.
  5. Once completed, find the downloaded file in the downloaded file manager app. It should be in the Downloads location.
  6. When you click on the file, an installation option will appear; select that.
  7. The downloading process started.
  8.  Wait for it to finish, then open TM WhatsApp after it has done so.

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Finally, I Was Looking Forward to Features in downloading WhatsApp I already know that WhatsApp is the most popular app, but it doesn’t require the best features, so I’ll give Tm WhatsApp its latest features. Weekly updates will be made to this app. Simply wait for the most recent version to arrive. The most recent version will provide you with some excellent benefits that will make you want to use it more. So let’s dive right into this app.


Can I make video calls using the TM WhatsApp APK and hear the other person?

You can hear a clear speech or voice in a video call. However, the program performs.

Do people select a modified version of official WhatsApp, like the TM WhatsApp APK? Is it fine?

You can connect and chat with people easily with the help of attractive new features provided by updated apps like TM WhatsApp. You may send messages, including voice and text messages. The ability of you to send audio and video calls is helped. Users can also create groups for group calls and virtual hangouts.

Do bugs and risks exist in the TM WhatsApp APK?

No, the messaging app is free of harmful components like viruses, malware, errors, or other threats that can harm your device. Due to the program, this

Is it secure to use the TM WhatsApp APK?

Many people use TM WhatsApp, and so far, there have been no reports of harassment. Using the app is secure.

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